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The company is located in Cimbano, in the municipality of Castiglione del Lago, in a border area, between Umbria and Tuscany, located on a promontory on the western shore of Lake Trasimeno. It is an area delimited by the hilly ridge that begins in front of Cortona and winds for 25 km towards the south until it touches Chiusi, separating the Valdichiana from the Trasimeno valley and skirting the lakes of Montepulciano and Chiusi as well as Lake Trasimeno. 60 hectares that extend over three different hills, of which 11 hectares of vineyards, 5 of olive groves, 2 hectares of Fagiolina del Trasimeno, small parts of wood and the rest of arable land.
Environmental and economic sustainability is the principle that inspires and governs all the company’s activities: every effort aims to obtain and preserve a healthy and quality product, and to enhance, without traumatic or artificial interventions, what nature gives, and everything. this is achieved by improving soil fertility, increasing environmental biodiversity and eliminating the chemicals used to manage parasites and weeds.