Resources (varieties and breeds) at risk of genetic erosion present in the company:

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La Buona Terra is a farm that has existed for over 30 years, which has changed management and target several times over the years. It was among the first educational farms in Italy, and our main goal continues to be environmental education, which we practice by hosting groups of young people from all over Europe within our farmhouse, with the support of the agricamping in the summer (area eco-friendly with glamping tents, Biolan compost toilets and solar showers).

Currently the main agricultural activity is the care of the olive grove, 9 hectares of mixed varieties of olive trees, partly secular, partly younger, from which we extract Bio EVO oil, in our small company oil mill.
Inside the olive grove there is a small orchard, with native and ancient species, and a field of medicinal herbs, especially lavender, from which we produce essential oil and aromatic water.
To help us keep the grass down and fertilize, there are sheep, geese, ducks and hens of the silver Livornese breed.
A forest allows us to experience the food forest, and the creation of small paths.

In the company there are various outbuildings for agricultural use and spaces for carrying out activities.
The Kora association has its headquarters within the company, which collaborates with La Buona Terra in the management and organization of children, and in the creation of educational courses.